Dinosaur Discovery
Fossil Finds
Years 1 to 8Years 9 to 13Years 1 to 13Early childhood education
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Terms 1–4
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$5.00 per student
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Auckland Museum
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45 minutes

This programme is for the following year groups: ECE

Children and whānau can discover more about dinosaurs through storytelling and hands-on exploration of replica bones.

This programme takes place in the Weird & Wonderful gallery and provides children the opportunity to explore their own interests.

Learning Outcomes
Learners will:

  • Explore, ask questions and create their own working theories in relation to dinosaurs.
  • Understand that palaeontologists learn about dinosaurs by studying fossils.
  • Handle and make comparisons between a range of dinosaur fossil bone replica, large and small.
  • Recognise differences between the teeth of dinosaurs who ate plants and those that ate meat.
  • Learn alongside whānau and see Auckland Museum as part of their world.

Image details: Cryolophosaurus ellioti, LH2099   © Auckland Museum CC BY
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