The Power of Persuasion
Propaganda from WWII to Present
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Terms 1 - 4
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$5 per student
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Auckland Museum
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1 hour

This programme is for the following year groups: Year 7-8, Year 9-13

Propaganda exists in every society and is used to influence people in various ways. Posters, images, and films can accentuate and heighten economic and political rivalries, ethnic and regional conflicts, and nationalism, all of which are underlying causes of war.

Explore the evolution, range, techniques and types of propaganda used during World War II. Develop a more nuanced understanding of what propaganda is and become better equipped to critically evaluate the messages we receive. Analyse how propaganda marginalised and discriminated against targeted groups, while also examining how similar ideas and concepts continue to affect our society today.

Image details: Poster produced during the Second World War. Together, EPH-PW-2-94. No known copyright restrictions.
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