Unzipping DNA
Genomics for Schools
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Terms 1 - 4
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90 minutes

This programme is for the following year groups: Years 7 - 10. It can also be extended to: Years 11 - 13

Enter the fascinating world of a research biologist and become familiar with the ways in which these scientists study DNA.  Developed in collaboration with the University of Auckland Medical School, this session provides students with insights into cutting edge real-world scientific methodology. They will obtain and interpret DNA sequence data, and explore the discoveries that DNA sequencing has uncovered.

Prior to your visit, students will need to be familiar with genomics and some simple bioinformatics. To support this, a unit of work developed by the University of Auckland for students in Years 7 - 10 is available for teachers as in-class delivery prior to your visit.  In order for students to access this session, we recommend 5-10 dedicated at-school lessons prior to the visit, depending on your class and their previous exposure to biology at the cellular and sub-cellular level.  

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