Marina Klemm
Jundiaí, Brazil/Parīhi
Favourite object or taonga
My current favourite object is the group of beetles in He Putunga Taonga Collections & Connections. The fact that 75% of all animals on Earth are insects always amazed me. I see all the diverse colours, shapes and special structures they developed to conquer the environment they live in, and I just feel like they’re the real rulers on Earth.
Favourite part or exhibit of the museum
My favourite part of the whole museum must be the Weird & Wonderful gallery. The way the gallery is built with all the jars, microscopes, funky colours and so many interactive tools really speaks to my inner child. I was a curious, science-kid and I just know I’d have spent so much time here if I had grown up in Tāmaki Makaurau. That would also make my whānau much calmer since I wouldn’t be trying some scientific experiments at home anymore.
Fun fact
Since the first lockdown, I started gardening to pass the time. That unveiled a true passion for growing my own food that I didn’t know I had. Whenever I’m home, I’m either planning the seeds I need to start or picking veggies that I’ve grown myself. My plan now is to be self-sufficient in the next five years – we shall see!