Simone Curmi-Blackwell
Melbourne, Australia
Favourite object or taonga
My favourite object is Rehua. This beautiful lower jawbone of the sperm whale Rehua, was a gift from the ocean and came ashore at Te Paengarethia, Te Hiku o Te Ika (Twilight beach in the far north.) Rehua washed ashore with Kauri, a huge tree only found in New Zealand. This beautiful story depicts and outlines the integral connection between the giants of the ocean and the giants on the land.
Favourite part or exhibit of the museum
My favourite part of the museum is Pacific Lifeways. Upon entering this space, you get a glimpse into the pacific arteries created buy such a vast and complicated civilisation. The artefacts themselves tell a story of navigation, creativity and warfare. It is a humbling space which sparks infinite wonderment about the ocean and the stars.
Fun fact
The ocean is my second home and my dream is to one day scuba dive next to a whale!