Tom Rowlands
Favourite object or taonga
This changes all the time; at the moment I’m gravitated to the meteorite in Origins gallery. This was the same meteorite that crash landed in an Ellerslie house in 2004. It smashed into the lounge, bounced off the sofa and ricocheted off the roof (nobody was hurt). It is so random!
Favourite part or exhibit of the museum
I have two. Te Ao Tūroa (Māori Natural History), a gallery that ties the natural world and Te Ao Māori, there is so much to read and learn from in this gallery. My other favourite exhibit is the dank cave in the Land gallery, not 100% sure why but I feel comfortable in there.
Fun fact
When I was around 8 years old, I lived in Invercargill and my mum would enter my sister and I in talent competitions around Southland (we’re talking mid 90’s). We would be dressed in pink and teal tracksuits and sing songs featured in Sister Act. We had a lot of fun!