Animal Migration
Great Journeys
Years 1 to 8Years 9 to 13Years 1 to 13Early childhood education
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Terms 1 - 4
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$7 per student
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Auckland Museum
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60 minutes

This programme is for the following year groups: Year 13

Come with us on a journey as we follow the migration of animals from the shores of Aotearoa across the world, and back. In this hour-long, lecture style presentation ākonga will learn about how animals orientate themselves in space as they navigate across land, sea and sky. We will discuss the benefits and costs of these journeys to explain why this migratory behaviours are selected for.

This programme is designed to complement learning for NCEA Level 3 Biology Standard 91603.

Learning Outcomes
Learners will:
· Demonstrate understanding of migratory animals in context to New Zealand species
· Discuss methods of navigation used by these animals 
· Examine the costs and benefits to this migratory behaviour   

Please note: minimum 20 students, maximum 30 students per session

Image detailsLimosa lapponica, Kūaka Godwit, LB4361, © Auckland Museum CC BY
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