Music and Dance
Pacific Arts
Years 1 to 8Years 9 to 13Years 1 to 13Early childhood education
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Terms 1–4
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$5 per student
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Auckland Museum
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45 minutes–1 hour

This programme is for the following year groups: ECE, Years 1–3, Years 4–6, Years 7–8

Music lets us speak to each other across cultures and languages.

Explore developments in the world of Pacific music and dance, with a specific focus on Aotearoa.

Play musical instruments, make flower 'ei, and get up and dance!

Learning Outcomes
Learners will:

· Understand that dance is a medium used to communicate ideas

· Understand that all music is comprised of rhythm, pitch, beats and dynamics

· Explore a variety of objects from different Pacific cultures that are used to create music

· Compare traditional and contemporary musical instruments

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