Living with Volcanoes
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Terms 1–4
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Auckland Museum | At your school | online
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1 hour

This programme is for the following year groups: Years 1–3, Years 4–6, Years 7–8

Explore the earth underneath your feet! Thanks to our partnership with EQC this programme is free. Our educators come to your school to showcase the volcanic landscape we stand on.

For Years 1-3 learners connect with their local volcanoes, dive deeper to look at the layers of the earth, and through an experiment learn to see what a lava flow might have looked in Auckland. Learners also get to a chance to learn about and hold different types of volcanic rock.

For Years 4-8 learners connect with their local volcanoes, explore different types of volcanic eruptions and participate in a rock sorting challenge. Learners are also put to the test to see how they would prepare for a volcanic eruption.

This programme has been created with the support of EQC.

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