The Floor Is Lava
Years 1 to 8Years 9 to 13Years 1 to 13Early childhood education
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Terms 1–4
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Auckland Museum | At your school | online
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60 minutes

This programme is for the following year groups: Years 1-3, Years 4–6, Years 7–8 and Years 9-10.
The online programme is for the following year groups: Years 4-6, Years 7-8 and Years 9-10.

Explore the earth underneath your feet! Thanks to our partnership with EQC this programme is free and delivered by our educators in your school or here at the Museum.

Learners will connect with their local volcanoes, explore different types of volcanic eruptions and participate in a rock sorting challenge. Learners are also put to the test to see how they would prepare for a volcanic eruption.

Learning Outcomes
Learners will:

· Describe Auckland’s volcanic field and identify volcanoes near to their school

· Make comparisons to different types of volcanic eruptions

· Identify different types of volcanic rock

· Gain an understanding of the preparation and response to a volcanic eruption or natural disaster

Please note: minimum 20 students, maximum 30 students per session

This programme is also available in Te Reo Māori.

Our New Volcano Van hits the road
Be on the lookout for the Museum’s new Volcano Van which will be bringing the AM Learn team to you and your learners. Generously supported by Toka Tū Ake EQC.

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