Te Whare Tipuna
The Ancestral House
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Terms 1-4 (Mon-Fri)
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$5 per student
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Auckland Museum | At your school
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1 hour

What does the whare and its various parts represent? What are its parts called? What is the whare used for?

These questions and more will be answered as we investigate the notion of a whare as a story book.

We will teach your students a haka to help retain new ideas, and open chapters of carved, woven and painted stories.

We end our session by showing students how other objects/taonga tell stories.

In this lesson, your students will explore different aspects of our culture that are embedded and embodied in the Tainui ancestral house:

  • ‍What are the different parts of the ancestral house?
  • What does the name mean, and where did this ancestral house come from?
  • What did they use this ancestral house for, and why?
  • What are the different areas in the marae?
  • What types of tools did the Māori use to aid in making the ancestral house?

We will also learn through interactive activities how to design your own ancestral house.

Find the answers to our history and have fun in the process.

This lesson is part of the He Kete Mātauranga programme, which aims to share the culture, politics and stories of our Māori ancestors.

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