Aaron MacKinnon
Human History | Primary Education
Charlottetown, Canada
Favourite object or taonga
My favourite taonga is Sir Edmund Hillary’s climbing axe that he used to climb his way to the summit of Mount Everest. I enjoy walking past and admiring this iconic piece of New Zealand and world history which accompanied Hillary on a journey that brought him fame as well as the affection of his country.
Favourite part or exhibit of the museum
My favourite part of the museum is the Origins Gallery. Every time I walk through, I gaze at the amazing dinosaur replicas that we have on display. For a moment I feel as though I have stumbled into ‘Jurassic Park’ as I admire at the awesome grandeur of the cryolophosaurs and malawisaurus as well as other prehistoric creatures that once occupied Aotearoa New Zealand.
Fun fact
I enjoy travelling and the most intriguing place I’ve visited was the gates of Area 51.