Leonie Garmaz
Restoration of antiquities and jewellery making
Kakapo specimens – because kakapo are fascinating creatures, unique to New Zealand but rare even in their home country. They are the world’s only flightless parrots, also the heaviest and nocturnal. I like to picture them jogging across the forest floor, then climbing trees to find fruit and leaves to eat. I also like to visit the Luristan bronzes and Ghandara carvings.
Favourite Part of the Museum
Natural Sciences Galleries. After many years of being immersed in the world of Decorative Arts, working with the Learning Specialists at Auckland Museum has opened my eyes to the wonders of the Natural World.
I used to work in London as a Restorer of Antiquities. My favourite objects to work on were ancient bronzes from Luristan (Iran/Iraq border) which date back to 1200-700 BCE ( that’s about 3,000 years old) and Graeco-Roman sandstone figures from Ghandara, India which date back to 2nd-3rd century AD (nearly 2,000 years old).